VR is essentially a citizen engagement program facilitating a culture of energy conservation and energy efficiency through awareness, energy consumption assessments, customized recommendation to save primarily through behaviour change followed by switch to efficiency measures and overcoming key information barriers. The origin of the program was a pilot done in 2014 by TIDE in partnership with Social Venture Partners Bangalore chapter.

The consumption pattern of all the participants in studied and customized recommendations are made to each participant based on their own unique consumption and demand. Their consumption is tracked and we aim to study the influence on consumption through behavioral change and shift to energy efficient equipments. For the purpose of reinforcement and to keep the participants updated, reports are sent out to participants periodically.

In its pilot, Vidyut Rakshaka ran with 500 households in a gated community in Sarjapura and in Malleswaram. In six months, VR was able to show a savings of 16.4% in about 48% of the participating households. This translates to a savings of 13,711 units of electricity every month in 252 household or a potential of 2 Million Units (MU) per day of saving if extended to all households in Bangalore alone. We expect a greater impact in the coming years as the project is scaled up across Bangalore and other cities.

A unique aspect of this program is the involvement of youth as STEWARDS; we train youth to carry out walk through electricity assessments and give recommendations for energy conservation. This has created livelihood skilling and income generation opportunity for deserving urban youth.
Vidyut Rakshaka is approved by BESCOM. TIDE worked with SVP Bangalore chapter for the pilot version of this program in offices; currently VR is supported by WRI India and Societe Generale Global Solution Center.

TIDE invites you to join the Vidyut Rakshaka program; Enrolling is easy and free, visit this link to sign up online: http://bit.ly/2dQFddY

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