Cook Stoves

Reaching 400 million Indians with clean cooking solutions is a complex interplay between global issues and local needs. And TIDE’s learning that if local needs (convenience, speed, safety, health, affordability) are not completely addressed, global issues will not be addressed. In response to this need, TIDE has developed and adopted a multi- pronged, participatory, innovation led approach in cook stoves which looks at

  • Technology
  • Economics
  • Health
  • Societal–gender
  • Environment
  • A strategy to demonstrate user acceptance of a technology / product and
  • A dissemination methodology that is culturally receptive, replicable, scalable and commercially viable

TIDE developed cook stoves are in the broad categories of:

  • On site constructed mud stoves – through women’s entrepreneurship bringing about social and economic transformation
  • Factory fabricated Pyro stoves – through market driven strategy by our partner Sustaintech Pvt Ltd
  • Dissemination of cutting edge technology Agnisakshi and AgniMithra stoves developed by FEAST