TIDE is a CORE SUPPORT GROUP of Science for Equity, Empowerment and Development (SEED Divsion) of Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India. The Core support groups are Science & Technology based voluntary organizations across the country by SEED division to work on innovative and scalable technological solutions for rural transformation. Through this platform, TIDE has got support from SEED division, DST for more than decade on designing and disseminating solutions primarily in clean cook stoves and water management as described below.

  • Fuel efficient biomass cook stoves for commercial and domestic use – TIDE has engaged in R&D and developed a range of domestic and commercial use cook stoves with the help of support from SEED division. These stoves are now marketed by our partner Sustaintech India Private Limited.
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  • Water use efficiency – Through Core grant supported micro water shed program, TIDE has introduced coco pith based mulch irrigation as a water use efficiency method for agriculture in and around Aralaguppe village in Tiptur taluk in Tumkur district. Read more here
  • Water audits – TIDE has developed water audit methodology for various end use sectors like school, tea factory, agriculture farm and apartment. Read more here
  • Women’s Technology Park – TIDE has created a 2 acre rural infrastructre at Aralaguppe near Tiptur Taluk, Tumkur village (130 kms from Bangalore) with the support of DST.  This rural campus is called Women’s Technology Park and aims to showcase technologies, create awareness and do trainings for rural audience.  Read more here also Womens Technology-Park
  • Technology training – Skill training and rural micro enterprise development has been identified as a critical need for India. Responding to this need and as a part of core support activities, TIDE has developed some innovative technologies and identified other innovative and low carbon technologies for rural micro-enterprises. TIDE has also developed a Micro Enterprise Training (MED) training programme. Read more here