COVID-19 relief fund

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, TIDE has initiated some quick response actions and is gearing up with short term and mid-term intervention plans.

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Donation status

Target amount - Rs 2,70,425/-

Amount received - Rs 20,700/-

As schools are getting ready to open the academic year after lock down, it is critical for them to ensure safety of children, staff and the community. Ensuring hygiene and sanitation abiding by Government guidelines for COVID-19 will be mandatory. TIDE is helping needy schools to get ready for this by providing awareness materials, posters, and sanitation kits. These are schools that are not currently getting any support.
Please donate generously to ensure the children of the poor can also attend school safely and continue their education.

School details:

7 Schools in Bangalore urban district have been chosen for this, after due diligence. TIDE will ensure the kits are utilized properly. Donors will receive a feedback form with details.

The names of the schools being supported are as follows:

  • G.L.P.S Amrutha Nagara
  • G.H.P.S Jakkur Layout
  • G.H.P.S Sriramapura Sriramapura Jakkul Post Blore – 64
  • G.L.P.S Sampegehalli
  • G.L.P.S Venkatala
  • Sri Ayyappan School, Benson Town
  • Govt. school, Bagalagunte
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TIDE is supporting migrants and families from tribal villages in and around Tumkur district who are stranded without incomes due to COVID.  The grocery kits are provided to those families who are not eligible for other rations.

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Through trained women in Tumkur district, TIDE is facilitating production of face masks as per Health department guidelines.  Apart from selling the masks, TIDE is also donating them to poor households in various villages in Tumkur distrct.  These masks generate incomes for those making it and provide protection for those receiving it.

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TIDE is facilitating mask production through rural women and undertaking orders on their behalf.  Please order for masks here.

  • Cotton Masks made with Health Department approved materials
  • 3-layered
  • Washable
  • Produced by trained women of Tumkur district
  • Delivered at your doorsteps

TIDE's strategy towards COVID 19 relief actions

Our strategy for response actions:

  • Ensure equitable, safe and efficient action / response
  • Re-align programs to address COVID fall outs, where possible
  • Leverage organization expertise to undertake COVID interventions
  • Pool in current resources to the extent possible and undertake quick actions

Some actions initiated and planned at TIDE:

Quick response actions:

  • Awareness on COVID-19 prevention to rural people through our QUEENs
  • Mask production by Self Help Groups

Short and mid-term plans:

  • Distributing groceries to impoverished families who have lost livelihoods
  • Initiating kitchen gardens by distribution of seeds
  • A hub and spoke model for augmenting nutrition and livelihood by sourcing millet based value-added products from rural women and distributing these to affected families.
  • As above for dried vegetable production and marketing
  • Cook stoves for community kitchens