Energy efficiency & Energy conservation (EE&EC)

Energy efficiency is “using less energy to provide the same service”. Energy conservation is “reducing or going without a service to save energy”

TIDE’s work in the area of energy efficiency and energy conservation ranges from offering technology products (Dryers, kilns, etc) and services (energy assessments, customized recommendations for saving, etc) to various sectors from residential to institutions to artisanal and small scale Industries.

TIDE also works as a eco system enabler to remove barriers in adopting clean sustainable energy by businesses and consumers in India considering that India is the 3rd largest fossil fuel CO2-emitting country.

One of our biggest success has been a multi stake holder program on Energy conservation in small scale tea factories in South India’ where about 100 tea factories in Nilgiris district adopted one or more suggestions to bring in energy efficiency in tea processing.

TIDE is now delivering VIDYUT RAKSHAKA, a citizen led demand side energy management program in partnership with World Resource Institute (WRI). The program adopts a neighbour hood approach to categorise electricity consumers and gives customised recommendations to yield sustained savings. Having proven the methodology, TIDE is scaling the program in Bangalore and Chennai and also plan to work with eco system players.