Energy & Environment

Energy & Environment

TIDE’s work in this focus area covers the broad spectrum of Energy, Climate Change and Environment.

TIDE is now delivering VidyutRakshaka, a citizen led demand side management program from residential electricity consumers. VidyutRakshaka is pioneering initiative, adopting an innovative approach of behaviour change for energy conservation. The program adopts a neighbour hood approach to categorise electricity consumers and gives customised recommendations to yield sustained savings.

In November 2018, TIDE along with collaborating partner WRI India won the Bengaluru Innovation Challenge Award for our proposal on scaling our successful work VidyutRakshaka for residential consumers in Bengaluru. Read more

Building on its work in various aspects of conservation with school children, TIDE has formally launched school programs to create awareness, provide knowledge and set up clean tech interventions at schools’.

One of the biggest success of TIDE in this area has been a multi stakeholder program on Energy conservation in small scale tea factories in South India’ where about 100 tea factories in Nilgiris district adopted one or more suggestions to bring in energy efficiency in tea processing . Read more

Achievements in 2019-20

Climate change education in 8 schools at Bangalore and Chennai.

7698 students become Environment Ambassadors.

630 Employee Volunteers engaged.

6500 households across 3 cities receiving electricity conservation recommendations.

25% savings among 44% of the participants

27 MTs of CO2 mitigated annually.

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Completed Projects


WRI India has been associated with TIDE since 2015 in the capacity of sub-granter of funds and as a collaborating partner. We are proud to see our joint program VidyutRakshaka evolve into a pioneering initiative in the area of demand side management of electricity in India. TIDE has steered the program with a long-term vision in a commendable manner successfully leveraging partnerships. The TIDE team is highly resourceful, goal-driven and adaptive as is evidenced by the recognition given to our joint proposal on scaling of VidyutRakshaka which won the Bengaluru Urban Innovation Challenge award in Nov 2018, conducted by the Government of Karnataka and the Tata Development Centre at the University of Chicago.
WRI India
The collaborating project with TIDE on ‘Conversion of school campus to Environment Friendly Zone’ is found to be enhancing the academic of the Vidyalaya.
Assistant Commissioner KV
TIDE is a very well run and efficient NGO and I felt as if I was able to have a significant impact on the project I helped with (Manini dried foods). My time as an intern with TIDE is always the first experience, I cite in job interviews because of how hand-on and involved I was able to be in the project. I would highly recommend TIDE as an organization with which to intern.
Mr Gareth Westler Wwhen he was student at Acara Institute, University of Minnesota, USA