Technology Partner for women centred ICS adoption program.

TIDE as Technology Partner for Improved Cook Stoves (ICS) in Odisha

TIDE is a technology partner with CARE India in the European Union SWITCH – Asia – II program on “Evolving a Women-centered Model of Extension of Improved Cook Stoves for Sustained Adoption at Scale”. The program is underway at Kandhamaal & Kalahandi districts in Odisha and Jashpur district in Chhattisgarh and aims to cover about 10000 forest dependent households by 2020.

TIDE brings into this project its two decade experience in R&D and field studies in biomass cook stoves, particularly in the context of Gender – cooking energy and also its expertise in technology based entrepreneurial model for rural women.

TIDE is engaged to conduct situational analysis in project locations with respect to cook stoves, develop awareness and training materials around Improved cook stoves (ICS), design curriculum for field based schools for the women, and be a technology facilitator for the ICS. TIDE has also designed cooking camps for this program to be conducted at field with the local people to assess the acceptance of ICS in a methodical way.