Whether it is a product or process, TIDE’s strength has been in innovation. In the case of the on-site constructed sarala stove, TIDE took the approach of creating women stove builders from grass root to ensure acceptance. With Pyro stoves, TIDE spun off a For-profit company called Sustaintech Pvt Ltd to enable scaling which was not possible as an NGO.

In 2015, TIDE enabled a SHG to register as a food processing enterprise and market its products in premium urban markets. With our learning in energy conservation program in tea factories, TIDE took the energy assessments for other sectors including residences and offices and developed an innovative citizen led Demand Side Management program called Vidyut Rakshaka. These are but a few instances of how innovation is at the center of TIDE’’s existence.

How does TIDE leverage innovation?

  • Matching need with innovation and delivering on the goal through the innovation
  • Ability to build the entire eco-system around innovation
  • Ability to develop and sustain innovative partnerships for impact
  • Proven ability to scale through innovative models – Sustaintech Pvt Ltd and Manini Rural enterprise