PYRO brand of fuel efficient cook stoves are designed by TIDE to be both environmentally friendly and consumer friendly. PYRO Mini stoves are domestic use stoves while PYRO MPs are commercial cook stoves.

Environment friendly features of the stoves are:

  • High-quality insulation
  • Controlled combustion of fuel
  • Carefully designed internal stove geometry
  • Manual control of air supply
  • Safely collect charcoal and ash
  • Smokeless
  • Fuel efficient
  • Consumer friendly¬†features:

    The products are also designed keeping in mind the user preferences of our customers. We continuously take customer feedback and modify our products accordingly. Some features are :

    • Temperature insulation
    • No need for electricity to control air supply
    • Easy portability of stove
    • Provides a healthy working and eating environment
    • Works with a variety of fuel types and flexibility in use of different fuels through well designed attachments
    • Can be designed to address unique customer preferences

    Realizing the power of market-based mechanisms, TIDE promoted Sustaintech to market and sell PYRO stoves in commercial sector including unorganized sectors like roadside eatery owners. This segment of customers could easily see the benefits from the economic, environmental, and health improvements of PYRO stoves.



    Contact TIDE’s partner Sustaintech for enquiries on PYRO Mini and PYRO MP here