Please see the links below for bidding opportunities with TIDE. For queries, please write to [email protected]

  • Providing Architectural and Engineering Service for preparation of designs for refurbishment of Bangalore Circle public toilet in Chintamani Town, Karnataka – Link here
  • Marketing plan for TIDE Slate website – Link here
  • Assessment of Performance and Facility Audit of Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and Preparing Operation & Maintenance manual for the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at Chikkaballapur and Chintamani, Karnataka – Link here
  • Implementation of Post treatment modules and disposal/ reuse system as part of Decentralized Sewage Treatment Plant for 35 houses at Sanitation workers colony, Kandawara, Chikkaballapur, Karnataka – Link here
  • Selection of Contractor for improvement of previously refurbished Public Toilets at Chikkaballapur and Chintamani, Karnataka – Link here