School program

Tomorrow’s leaders and decision makers are in school today. What we teach them today must prepare them for the changing world and environment. TIDE’s School Program aims to make children Agents of Change by developing knowledge, skills, values and motivations for action, allowing them to maintain their own wellbeing – and that of their community and the planet – in an increasingly interconnected world. Students gain an understanding of the dependence between humans and the environment where they live and equip them to handle the social and environmental changes that will occur in the near future.

The modules with focus on conservation, energy, water and waste management provides the children with knowledge and tools to find DIY (Do IT Yourself) solutions for local problems. Through this program, certain clean technology interventions are also demonstrated in the campus involving the students and faculty. Baseline and post session assessments help educators to evaluate the impact of the learning. The sessions are designed for active participation of volunteers and teacher training to demystify sustainability. By engaging students, volunteers and educators actively, the program motivates them to adopt sustainability in their own homes and community.

The program runs in Bangalore and Chennai. In the year 2018-2019, the program was operational in 4 schools in Bangalore, and was able to inspire 1250 children to become Environment Ambassadors and more than 100 employee Volunteers engaged.