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A N Jayachandra
Secretary, Council of Management & General Body

Part of the Council of Management & General Body since 2010, Mr. A N Jayachandra is Advisor, Special Projects and Initiatives in the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bengaluru. He has wide experience in administration of diversified Govt. supported organizations specially those involved in scientific research and NGOs. He has earlier served in the administration wings of Karnataka Agro Industries Corporation, Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology, Employees State Insurance Corporation and India Foundation for the Arts.
In his words, “I am interested in dissemination of technologies for the benefit of rural areas covering solar water heaters, solar photo voltaic, improved stoves for various applications, wood gasifiers, rain water harvesting etc. Therefore, it is great to be associated with TIDE”.

Bithi Agrawal
General Body Member

Part of the General Body since 2018, Bithi had worked previously with TIDE for four years. Since then she has worked in the area of GIS, mobile applications, E-learning and currently has co-founded The Foundation School with her husband, Ravi Venkatesam.
Besides activity based learning and inductive learning she has deep interest in social and environmental issues.

Dinesh Kagathi
General Body Member

Part of the General Body since 1994, Mr. Kagathi is a Renewable Energy professional with over 28 years’ experience covering all aspects of project life cycle with focus being on Solar, Biomass and Small Hydro verticals.
In his words: “It was a privilege to be a part of the founding team at TIDE and create an organization which would be a platform for a lot of innovative work”.

Dr. Hoysala N Chanakya
General Body Member

Part of the General Body since 1994, Dr. Chanakya is the chief research scientist at Centre for Sustainable Technologies, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He has been a pioneer in the development of biogas technology for effective waste treatment and management. He has been carrying out Research and Development on decentralized energy technologies and energy system integration into rural life since 1980. His innovative approach in sensitizing the public to the approach of waste management has won accolades from one and all over the years.

Dr. Rajagopalan S

Founded the organisation in 1993. Dr. Rajagopalan is a professor at International Institute of information Technology, Bangalore.
In his words, “When we launched TIDE fourteen years ago, we firmly believed that creative ideas emanating from Indian Research Institutions have the potential to spread and improve livelihoods in a sustainable way. We believed conversion of excellent ideas, concepts and prototypes emerging from exalted institutions in to replicable, deliverable and sustainable devices, methods and tools were the most important link in the innovation chain. Once this development was achieved the technology would spread using the genius of the small entrepreneur”.

Dr. Shailaja Rao
Council of Management & General Body Member

Part of the Council of Management & General Body since 2004, Dr. Rao served as Regional Director, Centre for Environment Education (CEE), Southern Regional Cell, Bangalore until 2018. Currently she is a freelance consultant.
In her words, “The work on women and energy as well as the commitment and dedication of the people at TIDE inspired me to join the Board”.
A quote that inspires her: My mother always said “Do not know is just an excuse. There is nothing impossible and nothing that cannot be learnt in this world. It just needs the right mind set, passion and the spirit”.

Dr. Sharachchandra Lele
General Body Member

Part of the General Body since 2006, Dr. Lele is Senior Fellow and Convener, Centre for Environment & Development, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE) www.atree.org/sharad_lele
In his words, “I am interested in promoting TIDE’s work in sustainable and people-friendly, women-friendly energy technologies”.
A quote that inspires him: “Small is Beautiful”

Gopi Venkataraman
General Body Member

Joined the General Body in Sep 2018, Gopi is an independent consultant for nonprofits and handles communication and outreach for TIDE since January 2018.
In her words, “TIDE works in the space of women’s livelihoods, energy and water conservation, all issues that I feel very strongly about. This made them a natural fit”.
A quote that inspires her: “Carpe Diem- Seize the Day”

Hari Natarajan
Council of Management & General Body Member

Part of the Council of Management & General Body since 2011, Mr. Natarajan is an independent Energy Consultant with over 15 years of experience in the energy sector, especially the clean energy and energy access space in India.
In his words, “I have known and been associated closely with Svati and TIDE since the time TIDE won the Ashden Award. The issue of clean cooking that TIDE is attempting to solve is very close to my heart. I was therefore honoured to be invited to be a member of the COM and contribute in whatever small way possible to the efforts of TIDE in clean cooking, women livelihoods & entrepreneurship”.
A quote that inspires him: “I am. You are. Everyone and everything thing is. Appreciate all that is good and beautiful in everyone (including self) and everything!”

K Ravichandran
General Body Member

Part of the General Body since 2016, Mr. Ravichandran is an independent Consultant in Energy and Water. Ravi is also involved in a couple of TIDE initiatives. In his words, “I support strategy and data management for urban energy initiative Vidyut Rakshaka and common area aggregation initiatives at TIDE. I wanted to contribute to an ethically and objectively driven organisation”.
A quote that inspires him: “We are dependent on each other. Therefore, replenishing the soil, replenishing society and being part of one continuum – that’s the new story”. Satish Kumar

N V Krishna
Council of Management & General Body Member

Part of the Council of Management & General Body since 2007, Mr. Krishna is Director, Sustaintech Pvt. Ltd. He is an independent consultant with over 40 years of experience, related to software development, networking, wireless technologies, IT based solutions, project management, Quality management.
In his words, “I have a long-standing interest in the application of science and technology to solving real life problems of energy, environment and sustainability.
A quote that inspires him: “The world provides enough for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed”. Mahatma Gandhi

Sampath Kumar
General Body Member

Part of the General Body since 1994, Mr. Sampath Kumar is a Director at TIDE Technocrats Pvt. Ltd., and Prakruti Renewable Power Private Ltd.

Sreenkanta Swamy
General Body Member

Part of the Council of Management & General Body since 2016, Mr. Swamy is a Fellow at Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology.

Sujatha Byravan
General Body Member

Part of the General Body since 2011, Ms. Byravan is a Senior Research Scientist, at Centre for Study of Science Technology and Policy, Bangalore. She uses her technical training and experience in environment and development, her interdisciplinary expertise along with her work experience to make a difference in the lives of people and the planet. For the last few years she has been concentrating on climate change, biotechnology policy and development.

Sumathy Krishnan
Nominated Member, Council of Management & General Body Member

Part of the General Body since 2016, Ms. Krishnan is the Executive Director at TIDE. She is responsible for programme conceptualization & delivery, fund raising and strategy planning at the organisation.
In her words, “TIDE allows me to apply scientific thinking and out of the box ideas to address societal issues generally neglected or considered too trivial or complex”.
A quote that inspires her: “”The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems”.

Svati Bhogle
Chairperson, Council of Management & General Body Member

Part of the Council of Management & General Body since 1997, Ms. Bhogle is CEO of TIDE. She is also the Managing Director of Sustaintech India Pvt. Ltd, Chairperson of Clean Energy Access Network (CLEAN).
In her words, “I am part of the TIDE family for a very long time since I was working closely with the founders of TIDE in my previous job”.
A quote that inspires her: “Never underestimate the power of a few committed people to change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”. Margaret Mead

Vinod Vyasulu
General Body Member

Part of the General Body since 1997, Mr. Vyasulu is a professor and Vice Dean of Jindal School of Government and Policy. He earned a PhD from the School of Business Administration in the University of Florida. He has taught in the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, and XLRI, Jamshedpur. He was Director of the Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad, and held the RBI Chair in the Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore. He also had a stint as Economic Adviser for Small Scale Industries in the National Small Industries Corporation, Delhi. He was Director of the Centre for Budget and Policy Studies in Bangalore. 
In his words, “I fully support TIDE’s objectives therefore I remain associated with the organisation”.

Vishwanath S
General Body Member

Part of the General Body since 2003, Mr. Vishwanath is Director, Biome Solutions and Advisor at Biome Environmental Trust and Arghyam.
In his words, “I am associated with TIDE to understand the interesting work that they do and to bring my experience in assistance where possible”.
A quote that inspires him: “Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it”. Santayana

Say Hello to our Team

Ashiq Ahamed Chemmalasseri
Senior Project Manager – Cook Stoves

Part of the team since December 2016, this is Ashiq’s second stint at TIDE. Ashiq leads the cook-stove team and manages projects related to biomass energy and fuel research.
In his words, “TIDE was a portal for a technical person like me to help connect Science & Technology research to grass root society. I could build a concept from scratch and make it saleable here”.
Ashiq loves reading about technology, human psychology and theology.

Balaji Rao Gujjar
Project Executive – VidhyutRakshaka (VR)

Part of the team since May 2015, Balaji is responsible for data management in VidyutRakshaka. As part of his responsibilities he carries out periodic analysis and updates of VR and manages the VR stewards.
In his words, “Initially I joined TIDE for building a career but with time my perception changed. I am interested in learning more about balancing the sustainability of society & nature”.
Balaji loves reading, fine arts and participating in adventurous activities.

Chandrakala Shivalingana Govindaya
Field Assistant – Women Technology Park (WTP)

Part of the team since June 2018, Chandranna works out of TIDE’s Women Technology Park. She facilitates and supervises women trainees and entrepreneurs for activities at WTP and is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of WTP.
In her words, “I like working in the social sector especially work related to rural women”.
Chandrakala loves travelling, watching TV & reading books.

Chandranna Kariappa
Office Assistance

Part of the team since February 1998, Chandranna is TIDE’s Man Friday. He is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the office, manages the bank work and dishes up cups of tea and coffee for everyone. In his words, “I joined TIDE to improve my knowledge and gain experience”.
Chandranna loves driving & listening to music.

Elizabeth Sebastin
Front Office Administrator

Part of the team since May 2017, Elizabeth handles all work related to the front office & Administration.
In her words, “I joined TIDE to gain experience in the social sector”.
Elizabeth loves travelling and listening to music.

Gouravi Gowda
Project Trainee – VidyutRakshaka and Eco Warrior

Part of the team since October 2018, Gouravi facilitates Eco Warrior sessions in schools. She also manages data collection, analysis and report generation for VidyutRakshaka.
In her words, “I was interested to work in the development sector as the direct impact it creates on the society gives me immense satisfaction”.
Gouravi loves watching movies, yoga and meditation.

Leela Muninanjappa
Accounts Executive – Accounts

Part of the team since June 2013 Leela plays a support role to the other team members related to Accounts.
In her words, “I joined TIDE to learn how to manage NGO accounts”.
Leela loves reading and watching TV and movies.

Lokesh Rao Jadav
Project Coordinator – Model School

Part of the team since November 2018 Lokesh is in charge of developing TIDE’s Model School Program.
In his words, “Sustainable schools are very few in numbers. However, the Alternative Education system is more focused towards sustainability. As part of TIDE I want to understand the challenges on this issue and come up with possible solutions to create a sustainable model”.
Lokesh loves wildlife, particularly bird watching and likes to DIY (Do It Yourself) on problems he comes across.

Manjunath Hindiskere Chikkana
Project Manager – Women Technology Park (WTP)

Part of the team since November 2003, Manjunath maintains and manages training facilities at TIDE’s WTP including the brick kiln, nursery, green house, areca plate making unit, ragi processing, vermi composting. He conducts technical trainings. In his words, “I am interested in implementing new technology in the field including R&D, awareness and training”. Manjunath loves gardening and watching TV.

Nishanth Karunakaran
Project Technician – Cook Stoves

Part of the team since June 2018, Nishanth is responsible for fabricating prototypes of new models of thermal equipment like stove, ovens etc. He also conducts live demonstrations of newly developed technology for aspiring users.
In his words, “I am a welder by trade, so I like working at TIDE to develop new models”.
Manjunath loves listening to music, watching movies and travelling.

Pramila Poojary
Senior Project Manager – Gender and Livelihood Group

Part of the team since October 2010, Pramila is involved in capacity building for rural women to become champions of village development using technology as an enabler. She also supports the Incubation Centre for technology-based rural women enterprises.
In her words, “I am interested in working with women, understanding the community and taking our work to the grassroots”.
Pramila loves travelling, cooking and counseling.

Rathnakara Eregodu Naik
Senior Manager – Accounts

Part of the team since June 2018, Rathnakara is responsible for Managing receivables, payables, monitoring all bank transactions and responsible for preparation of financials. In his words, “I have worked in Accounts and Finance for all types of organisations except for an NGO. It’s a dream fulfilled to the dream to work in an NGO.”
Rathnakara loves exploring new innovations in the fields of Finance & Accounts and wants to become an expert in the field.

Santhosh Cibi
Project Manager – VidyutRakshaka (VR)

Part of the team since September 2017, Santhosh oversees walkthrough Energy Assessment studies in residential buildings for the Vidyut Rakshaka programme
In his words, “I am passionate about the energy sector. TIDE allows me to implement my skills and learnings practically”.
Santhosh loves playing cricket, web surfing and travelling.

Shobhashree Venkatesh
Project Trainee – Eco Warrior & Model School

Part of the team since January 2019, Shobhashree helps in coordination and preparation for the sessions in the school programme.
In her words, “I got a chance to share my skills and knowledge, learn new skills and gain new experiences different from the ones I was familiar with”. Shobhashree loves drawing, listening to music and reading books.

Shreedhara Belagere Honnappa
Field Coordinator – Women Technology Park (WTP)

Part of the team since October 2016, Shridhar work involves identifying potential entrepreneurs, and setting up rural enterprises. He also helps in the smooth functioning of the WTP and Eco store.
In his words, “This is my first job in the social sector. I want to understand NGO work specifically related to TIDE’s work”.
Shridhar loves travelling, farming and listening to music.

Sunil Patil

Part of the teams since November 2017 Sunil manages coordination with partners and supervision and restructuring of WTP. He also provides technical support on other projects and is involved in streamlining office operations.
In his words, “TIDE provides me a platform to address and contribute to social issues using my information technology and manufacturing business experience”.
Sunil loves sports, poring over maps and travelling.

Vishank Shet
Project Engineer Trainee – Cook Stoves

Part of the team since November 2018, Vishank is responsible for designing and developing prototypes for thermal applications in the cooking industry.
In his words, “To want to reach out different people and help them through technology interventions”.
Vishank loves listening to music, travelling and staying updated with the latest technology.