TIDE & WRI India winners of the Bengaluru Innovation Challenge Award 2018

Electricity consumption has steadily increased in the last two decades, and is further projected to increase eight times by 2050. Hence it is important to employ focused policy strategies, sensitise consumers and facilitate market efforts to limit consumption. TIDE and World Resources Institute (WRI) India attempt to address these challenges by empowering residential consumers for electricity conservation. Our proposed intervention VR Lite is a city level program to build awareness and change people’s behaviour towards electricity use. For this, we go beyond technology fixes, as consumption is in the realm of human behaviour. VR Lite will provide nudges for behaviour change along with best practices for efficient use.[…]

Women Transforming India award by NITIAAYOG FOR TIDE ENTREPRENEUR Lalitha bai

Give India appreciates TIDE 2017

Best NGO Award by Resource Alliance, 2014

Social Venture Innovation Award and SEED award for Sustaintech / TIDÉ partnership

Department of Science and Technology, Government of India – Best Woman Scientist award, 2013

Karnataka State Government Environment Award , 2012

CII Best Woman Exemplar Award for TIDE trained entrepreneur - Entrepreneur Ms Lalitha Bai

Energy Champion 2008
– Ashden Awards UK

Finalists for the Social Entrepreneur Award, 2006

Citizen based Investment Award, 2003

Energy Conservation Award, 2002