Water use efficiency in Agriculture

Water use efficiency in Agriculture

Agricultural water use is facing increasing pressure due to competing needs for domestic and Industrial use, ecosystem protections, associated costs of water, as well as its scarcity. Improving water-use efficiency in agriculture thus becomes a priority area and this can be achieved through various ways including on-farm water retention, reducing on-farm demand, increasing soil moisture, etc.

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TIDE has worked in Tiptur taluk in Tumkur district, near Bangalore on a micro water shed program. Water use efficiency (WUE) for agriculture or rather lack of it, is an important finding in this program leading to TIDE undertaking research and dissemination of WUE methods in the region.

To help farmers in planning irrigation, TIDE offers its services like bore well water measurement and soil moisture measurement. Data on rainfall is also shared with farmers in our dissemination centre called WTP at Aralaguppe village in Tiptur taluk

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