VidyutRakshaka for common area

As an extension of the program, TIDE and WRI India have launched VidyutRakshaka for Aggregators focusing on apartment complexes with common area electricity usage.  The goal is to demonstrate the demand reduction potential in common areas of large apartment complexes across Bangalore. An entry level energy assessment study was carried out in ten apartment complexes of different sizes across Bangalore. With our baseline and entry level assessment study, data indicates that each apartment could save up to 8 – 12% of their common area electricity cost through nil-investment and low-cost recommendations. TIDE and WRI India are coming out with a tool kit to assist aggregators like apartments to monitor and save electricity spent in common areas.

Encouraged by the savings witnessed and by the models of analysis that have emerged from VidyutRakshaka, we are now working towards implementing VidyutRakshaka on a much larger scale to be implemented at the subdivision level. Read about VidyutRakshaka Lite here.