Water audits

Water audits for Industries, Farms, Residential


1. India has just 4% of the world’s fresh water but 16% of the global population.

2. Half of India’s water supply in rural areas, where 65% of the country’s population lives is routinely contaminated with toxic bacteria

3. Every year 600,000 children die of pneumonia or diarrhea often caused by toxic water or poor hygiene

4. Employment in manufacturing in India has gone down in recent years because companies face difficulties in getting clean water

“Water audit” is an effective water management tool for optimizing various uses with minimal losses, thus enabling considerable conservation of water.Elements of water audit include a record of the amount of water sourced (total water supply), water delivered to metered users, water delivered to unmetered users, and water loss. It also logically leads to a consolidated water conservation plan with a goal to increase accumulation thereby reducing the stress on water sources.

SEED Division of DST has supported TIDE to develop and deliver water conservation methodologies including water use efficiency. Under this program, TIDE has developed water audit procedures for various sectors leading to a baseline understanding followed by recommendations to improved water management at the site.

TIDE has developed and conducted water audits at:

  • Tea plantation and labour colony
  • Agricultural farm
  • School
  • Residential apartment
  • Read more here: http://bit.ly/2fC2Ush