"Self reliant women contributing to well being of
the family and for nation building"

Women’s Technology Park of TIDE :

In the year 2011, the Department of Science & Technology SEED Division (Science for Equity, Empowerment & Development) awarded a grant to TIDE to setup a ‘Women’s Technology Park’ (WTP) in Karnataka. The vision for WTP is to facilitate economic and social empowerment of rural women in equitable manner, using technology as livelihood options.

Today, the WTP at Araluguppe village (Tiptur Taluk, Tumkur District) is a two acre facility with infrastructure to do awareness to communities, training, practical demonstration of various technologies and also support incubations of enterprises. Some of the ‘environment friendly’ livelihood options for women that are showcased at WTP include:

1. Solar cum biomass drying of horticultural products – enterprise set up and running
2. Making eco friendly products with Areca leaf sheaths – enterprise shaping up
3. Production of value added products from Ragi – enterprise shaping up
4. Construction of fuel efficient household (Sarala) stoves – individual training
5. Vermicomposting
6. Mushroom cultivation with fruited bags
7. Flower pressing and stationary products
8. Paper bag making

With the success of incubating MANINI in drying from WTP, TIDE is now focusing on areca leaf sheath products and millet based products by training women’s group in these.

WTP as incubation centre :

The realization that TIDE can transform into an incubator for women’s businesses came after its experiences in creating livelihoods through innovative technologies for women belonging to 50 groups. These groups are largely in the Tumkur district, in coastal Karnataka and in Kerala. Through the women’s technology park in Aralaguppe village in Tiptur taluk, Tumkur district, TIDE has created awareness on technologies for livelihoods and is now well accepted as a resource NGO for women’s livelihoods. With our experience in incubating MANINI, TIDE also understands the legal processes in setting up such enterprises and also has established marketing channels for marketing rural produce.
TIDE would like to use the facilities at its Women’s Technology Park for incubating ore women’s enterprises.

Vision :

Self reliant women contributing to well being of the family and for nation building.

Mission :

To offer facilities and resources that would deliver the entire range of services to rural women for micro enterprise development to enable them to manage successful micro enterprises and secure livelihoods.