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26 year old Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based out of Bangalore

TIDE (Technology Informatics Design Endeavour) is a development organisation that leverages technology for conserving the environment, creating livelihoods and addressing societal issues. TIDE's work encompasses energy access and biomass-based cooking solutions, energy conservation and renewable energy promotion, Environment management and advocacy, and Technology based on innovative livelihoods, particularly with focus on rural women.
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TIDE's Impact

Smoke free kitchens ensure better health and productive life span for 10,000 cooks and helpers in commercial kitchens.
5000+ commercial stoves sold contributing to about INR 17.5 crore fuel savings.

INR 12.5 crore savings for tea factories enabled due to implementation of recommendations during the project period.
50,000 MT CO2 mitigated through PYRO stoves. Avoided 250 hectares deforestation of scrub forest. 100,000 tonnes of CO2 mitigated by tea factories in South India in project period. Improved air quality in 10,000 commercial kitchens.
Spun off a For-Profit company Sustaintech for marketing improved cook stoves.

Developed curriculum for Sustainable Household Energy (SHE) schools for CARE India.
5,500± consumers sensitized on electricity conservation across three cities. 1,250 children nurtured as Environment Ambassadors.
48% of participating consumers in Bangalore and 57% participating consumers in Chennai achieved cost savings in electricity.
Environmental awareness & climate change education to ± 15000 people. 33 metric tonnes CO2 mitigated in 6 months by participating consumers.
Collaborative partnership with the research agency WRI India for VidyutRakshaka.
± 2,500 women given a livelihood skill.
Smoke free kitchens in 45,000 homes.
Annual income of women-led enterprises at INR 1.2 crore. Women stove builders earned collective income of about INR 5 lacs directly through TIDE.
Cumulative firewood saving of about 15,000 metric tonnes through Sarala stoves. 23,000 metric tonnes of CO2 mitigated cumulatively through Sarala stoves.
WTP provides awareness / training / employment / skilling to ± 1000 people annually. MANINI, an association of persons formed to bring women entrepreneurs into a network facilitating production & marketing entity.


It's not having the idea that is so difficult but making it work in practice – the publicity, getting people to buy the product, making sure your supply chain works, that sort of thing. TIDE had done that as an NGO, they had already helped a lot of small businesses get going.
Annie Wheldon from Ashden
The TIDE team is extremely entrepreneurial and a pleasure to work with. They have a dogged persistence in going after goals and achieving them which sets them apart from a lot of other organisations in this sector.
Dr Jogin Desai Lead Partner, Social Venture Partners (SVP), Bangalore chapter
It has been a pretty fulfilling journey with TIDE since 2014. TIDE's programs are very unique, as they are addressing a number of environmental issues, both in urban as well as rural India. They have received very good responses for their programs across our different products, both through retail and corporate donors. We hope we have been able to provide adequate funding required for enabling their programs. We wish to continue the journey and bring more changes together.
Sanchita Dasgupta Giveindia
TIDE is doing very good work for women empowerment, training & building confidence. Need to keep up the work and help Indian rural women to improve their confidence and self-employment.
Ashok FANUC India Pvt. Ltd.

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