About Us

TIDE (Technology Informatics Design Endeavour) was founded on the 11th of May 1993 with the purpose of identifying concepts, prototypes and technologies that have been developed in various laboratories, adapt them where required and disseminate them to communities. Gradually, our work has evolved into holistic programs around the themes of

TIDE has worked on over 250 projects around these themes experimenting with over 30 technologies and products, with diverse set of stake holders, including funders, resource partners and communities.

Our work starts with need identification, followed by matching with technology solution, providing access to skill, finance and markets and finally creating self reliance through enabling environment.

Through our programs, we strive:

  • To improve lives and the environment

  • To create opportunities for the underserved

  • To be a Change Agent and create more Change Agents from grass root

  • To demonstrate that technology can be an enabler

TIDE has unique strength in conceiving and demonstrating acceptance of innovative products and / or processes. To ensure that these innovative ideas sustain and scale, TIDE has spun off scaling / Go-to market partners such as Sustaintech, a for profit company that markets cook stoves and Manini, a SHG led food processing enterprise .

Our endeavours have resulted in an annual saving of about 30,000 tons of firewood and about 45,000 tons of CO2 emissions. The TIDE entrepreneurs have had a total turnover of more than 7 crores and earned profits of about 1 crore. TIDE’s methodology has been profiled as Best Practices by UNDP in the area of Energy access to poor. Through Sustaintech, more than 3000 commercial cook stoves have been sold resulting in better indoor quality for about 45000 cooks and in mitigating about 40,000 MTs of CO2 cumulatively. Manini has been instrumental in providing employment to women in the area of sustainability.


Towards a world where innovations positively and equitably impact all sections of society and environment


To develop, adapt and disseminate technological products and processes that meet rural and urban livelihood needs sustainably.


  • TIDE is a registered NGO under Karnataka Societies Registration Act.
  • TIDE has 12A, 80 G and PAN number.
  • TIDE has valid FCRA and is qualified to receive foreign funds.
  • TIDE is a TIER 1 registered NGO with Give India and an NGO partner with DANAMOJO.
  • TIDE conducts and publishes audit report every year which are available for scrutiny.
  • TIDE publishes annual report every year