About TIDE

In its 30-year journey, TIDE has been promoting sustainable development through innovative technological interventions. Since its inception, we have developed/adapted and transferred technology options like improved cookstoves, biogas, biomass gasification, biomass briquetting, and energy audits.

Our SDG goals


Biomass technologies

  • R&D and field acceptance efforts on innovative, LPG equivalent agro fuel burning stoves.
  • Developing fuel supply chains at village
  • R&D on efficient biomass devices for livelihoods
  • Biomass conservation.

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Energy & Environment

  • Urban electricity conservation programs (VidyutRakshaka and VR lite)
  • School programs centred on sustainability.

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Gender & Livelihood

  • Awareness and training for rural women on innovative livelihoods.
  • Women’s Technology Park (WTP) as a hub for incubating rural, technology-based women’s enterprises.
  • Rural women leadership programs and village development programs.

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