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Promoting Energy Efficient Technologies

We support small-scale enterprises, families and individuals to fight climate change and play an active role in environmental conservation.

Since our inception in 1993, we have been at the forefront of developing and promoting technologies related to biomass energy in non-formal rural industries, sericulture, post-harvest processing, fish drying, waste-to-energy conversion, and rainwater harvesting. Among our many innovations, energy-efficient stoves and dryers have become powerful tools in our mission to conserve energy and reduce emissions.

TIDE Channeling It's Effort

Vital Interventions

Biomass Technologies

Our journey towards promoting sustainable energy solutions began with a strong focus on research and development activities. We dedicated our initial years to innovating and designing various types of biomass-based cookstoves and devices to meet the diverse energy needs of households, commercial establishments, and artisanal clusters. Today, we proudly stand as pioneers in the field of clean cookstoves in our country.


Embodies our commitment to energy conservation and electricity-saving measures. Through this intervention we promote, innovative solutions to reduce electricity consumption and promote responsible energy use.

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