Amrita Das

Project Manager
Deeply committed to green causes, Amrita manages and leads TIDE's sustainable energy projects.

Almost 5 years back, she started her career working in Research and development program of a non-profit organization which works for water and sanitation interventions. She brings over 5 years of technical, project management skills and dedication to improve areas of sustainable energy, water, sanitation, and environmental management. As part of her responsibilities, she also coordinates biomass-based stove implementation projects.

Ideating with the team, she challenges herself to create out-of-the-box practical solutions that meet the twin goals of improving people’s lives while safeguarding the environment.

Outside of her professional roles, Amrita is an avid reader of environmental research journals and an adept chess player. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, especially solving puzzles with her toddler.