Samitha M

Senior Manager - Skilling & Livelihoods
Samitha is the Senior Manager overseeing the Skilling and Livelihood portfolio at TIDE. In this role, she manages program implementation, planning, reporting, and stakeholder engagement. Additionally, Samitha plays a crucial role in TIDE's strategy team, contributing to the thoughtful development of the organization's strategic growth plans.
With a professional background spanning 24 years across diverse industries such as healthcare and retail, Samitha's experience includes an impactful 8-year tenure as a CSR leader at a leading multinational retail company. In this capacity, she successfully devised and executed community programs focusing on education, livelihoods, health, environment, and anti-trafficking. Samitha has emerged as a vocal advocate for sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.
Beyond her professional endeavours, Samitha is an avid reader who finds joy in both travel and engaging in upcycling projects.