Shankar M

Asst Manager. School Programs
Describing himself as an 'Engineering manager committed to sustainability', Shankar serves as Asst Manager for the Model School Program at TIDE.

Dedicated to making schools invigorating places of learning, Shankar ideates with his team to engage children in ‘green solutioning’.  By bringing interactive ways to engage students, he ensures they see themselves as builders of a green future.

Shankar is also a key member of the Biomass team. Exploring new ways to save energy and resources, he develops and executes ideas like energy-saving stoves and Kilns. He also conducts volunteering engagement activities such as cleanliness and plantation drives on school campuses.

Shankar is passionate about sustainability and promotes it in every aspect of life. He is always looking for fresh ways to build eco-friendly homes using sustainable materials and techniques.

Belonging to a close-knit family of six, he believes their support gives him the impetus to make a positive impact – not just in his job but also in his personal life.