In a first of its kind initiative in the country, the VidyutRakshaka(VR) program provides customised recommendations to consumers to conserve electricity. This program was conceptualised to reduce the increasing demand-supply gap in electricity and to initiate a citizen driven voluntary action for electricity conservation.  As of October 2018, over 3000 consumers in Bengaluru and about 500 each in Mysore and Chennai are reaping the benefits of the program by adopting our recommendations and saving on their average monthly consumption.  Our latest results indicate a cumulative savings of 7% in average monthly consumption of electricity among 60% of participants.

The unique aspect of the program is the use of nudges to influence consumers to adopt the recommendations on behaviour change and best practices in efficient use of electricity.   The nudges comprise of neighbourhood comparisons and personalised behaviour change tips based on the participant’s assets, usage and socio-economic standing.  Additionally, category-wise recommendations are provided, spanning lighting, cooling, heating, and other common area electricity usage.  The comparisons and recommendations are generated with robust data driven models, continuously refined with user data.


We acknowledge the support and guidance of the Government utility BESCOM for the program – VidyutRakshaka is listed in the BESCOM webpage of successful DSM initiatives here:

The program is powered by Society General Global Solution Centre’s (SG GSC) CSR program.

The program is a collaboration between TIDE and WRI India.